Interesting Facts About Solar Power

Have you been considering solar power for your home? SolarMax near Tampa knows how beneficial solar energy can be, and we have several solar energy facts to help you make the decision to switch. Many people understand that solar power is clean energy as well as renewable energy, but few know the intricacies of what makes solar energy such a desirable alternative for many homeowners. Are you interested in learning more about solar energy? Contact us at SolarMax today to learn more about solar panels Tampa residents prefer or visit our website.

Solar Energy Facts

There is a number of interesting facts that can compel your interest in solar energy. Because solar energy is developing every day, the technology that can be impacted by it is constantly expanding, and our knowledge of solar energy is always growing.

  •       If we wanted to power the entire earth using renewable energy, over 191,000 square miles of solar panels would need to be installed. Given that there are over 57 million square miles of land on earth, the feasibility of powering the entire earth with solar power is within reach.


  •       Solar power can be used to power air conditioners, water heaters, and electricity. It is cheaper than the alternatives as well as safer and eco-friendlier.


  •       The great majority of solar panels are able to produce eight to ten kilowatts of energy per square foot, and they do not require direct sunlight in order to produce electricity. That said, direct sunlight still produces the most energy.


  •       If the sun isn’t shining, there are special batteries that can be used as a backup system. However, many modern solar systems utilize a net metering system that measures the energy given back to the power grid as well as the energy removed.


  •       For solar panels located in the United States, they need to face south to capture the most sunlight.


  •       Solar power does not create any noise pollution which means that the solar panels can silently create energy from the sun’s rays.


  •       Solar panels are exempt from property taxes in quite a few states, and you are able to take your solar panels with you when you move. When you first buy them, you are also eligible for a 30% tax break from the federal government.


  •       In 2016 alone, there was one new solar panel installation every 84 seconds.

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