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At SolarMax, our commitment lies in harnessing cutting-edge technologies to empower our team members in making a significant impact globally as well as personally. We are dedicated to driving the world forward through sustainable energy. It all begins by empowering you.

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SolarMax Careers

Are you searching for a meaningful career path? Do you aspire to shape and build a company into your ideal workplace? Are you yearning for a place where you can forge friendships while making a positive impact? Look no further!

Introducing SolarMax, the leading solar industry pioneer in Florida. We prioritize people, the planet, and the transformative power of renewable energy. Our company operates on principles of transparency and trust, providing you with ample opportunity to showcase your strengths. We embrace a horizontal structure, resembling a wheel with spokes rather than a rigid hierarchy, allowing employees to provide direct feedback to drive continuous improvement. With substantial growth in recent years, SolarMax offers an environment for personal advancement as we continue to expand.

At SolarMax, our team is composed of passionate givers, motivated individuals, and innovative thinkers. We work diligently, but we also have a blast doing it! Every team member shares a deep enthusiasm for the numerous benefits of solar energy and is committed to hastening the transition to a clean energy economy.

When choosing Solar Max, you are choosing a family-owned and operated company that has positioned itself at the forefront of the revolutionizing solar energy industry. We employ a full team of in-house experts with the highest level of knowledge, training and licensing. By doing so, we are able to ensure every customer receives a positive and enjoyable experience from first contact, to design and installation along with follow-up once in service.

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