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Go Solar In Just 7 Easy Steps

Site Survey

Our dedicated SolarMax Technician, armed with precision instruments and extensive knowledge, will arrive at your location. They’ll meticulously take measurements, validate the plans we discussed earlier, and ensure that all preparations are in order. You can simply grant them access and carry on with your daily activities, confident that your solar project is in capable hands.

SolarMax Of Clearwater Solar Panel Site Survey

System Design

We’ll check in with you to go over any adjustments or modifications to our original plan and ensure that you’re satisfied with the outcome. Our commitment to your project goes beyond the initial planning stage. We understand that as circumstances evolve, adjustments or modifications to the original plan may become necessary. Rest assured, we prioritize your satisfaction and success throughout the entire process.

Solar Panel Design Review


We’ll take care of the necessary permits and paperwork with the city. We’ll keep you informed once everything is approved and ready. You can rely on us to handle all the intricate permitting and city paperwork. We’ll diligently navigate the bureaucratic process and promptly update you upon successful approvals.

Solar Panel Project Permitting


Your energy source is about to get a boost! Our solar installation typically takes just one day. Your role? Simply make sure you’re available to let us in, and we’ll handle the rest, bringing your solar vision to life.

Get Solar Panel Installation By SolarMax

City Inspection

Once your system has been expertly installed, we move on to ensuring compliance with local regulations. To guarantee that your new system adheres to all city standards, we arrange a city inspection. During this inspection, a qualified official will visit your property. Their primary purpose is to thoroughly assess the newly installed system. They’ll examine all components, from the solar panels to the wiring, to confirm that they meet the city’s safety and quality standards.

Solar Panel Inspection In Clearwater By SolarMax

Utility Connection

Our commitment to delivering a hassle-free solar experience doesn’t end with installation. After your system is in place, we embark on the crucial phase of coordinating with your utility company to ensure a seamless connection to the power grid. Depending on your utility company’s requirements and your specific setup, they may need to install a new meter. This meter is designed to accurately measure the energy your solar system generates and feeds back into the grid.

Electric Utility Connection To Meter

Power On

Simply switch it on, relax, and let the sun start working for you! Ready to harness the power of the sun and start saving on your energy bills? Contact SolarMax today to schedule your solar consultation. Let’s turn your energy into a clean, sustainable resource. Get started now!

Go Solar Today With SolarMax

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