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Our mission at SolarMax is to spare you the hassle of shopping by providing top-of-the-line solar products, along with unparalleled installation services from experienced professionals. Our customer service is also top-notch, and all of this comes at a budget-friendly cost that will not only help you save money in the present but also in the long run.

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SolarMax will handle your entire system design and install from A-Z and even add a new roof. Our all-encompassing service comprises managing permits and community associations, as well as ensuring that you receive all available rebates and tax credits. We also provide round-the-clock monitoring for the life of the system, so you can rest easy knowing we handle everything.

High Quality Equipment

We offer the best equipment from top companies like Tesla, LG, Enphase and more. All backed by manufacturer warranty.

Best Warranty Around

We are the only solar panel installation company that 100% guarantees the amount of energy that your solar power system produces.

Affordable Price & Great Service

We always deliver transparent and direct pricing options to our customers combined with great service. Take control of your home energy costs and gain energy independence by producing your own clean, renewable, solar energy right from your rooftop.

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