What’s New & Upcoming in the Future of Solar Energy?

The world of solar energy is looking towards the future and there are some very exciting changes that are happening in the coming years. As the use of residential solar panels rises, companies like SolarMax in Clearwater will be able to see the change in climate that they have sought to see. While there have been some setbacks as a result of some changes in the market in 2017, the year 2018 promises to be a much better and brighter year for solar energy. If you are interested in purchasing solar panels for home, we at SolarMax can be a resource to you. We know the value of solar energy and we can provide that value to you. To learn more about solar energy and how to get solar panels installed in your home, contact us at SolarMax today.


Are Residential Solar Panels on the Rise?


The answer to this is luckily “yes.” As more and more people seek to invest in solar energy, we will see a rise in the impact that solar energy has on the total global electricity mix. Given how things are progressing currently, the predicted rise is 15% in the global electricity mix by the 2030s. This is a huge increase over what we have seen in the past and could make up for the surprising turn that the market took in 2017.

If this occurs, this can be a huge impact on the success of trying to repair the damage that we have created through climate change. Though there is much to be done in order to counteract the damage that is being done to the earth, the increased use of solar energy can help to reduce the use of finite resources and preserve that which we have left on earth.

Part of this rise is in thanks to community-wide solar grids which allow entire communities of people to invest in solar energy instead of a select few. This can lower the overall costs of energy and help to see real change on the planet over time.


Are You Interested in Solar Panels for Home?


You could be on the cusp of something great by investing in solar panels. While the market demand may increase for solar panels, you can avoid the rush by doing something wise for your home and energy use now. Invest in solar panels and get your energy costs down as well as do something positive for the environment and the planet.

If you are interested in getting solar panels installed in your home and you are in the Clearwater area, feel free to contact us at SolarMax. We can get you the solar panels you have been wanting at the price that makes sense for you and your family.


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