In order to understand what a grid-tied solar system is, you need a basic understanding of what an electrical grid is. In simple terms, an electrical grid is a network of power lines that connect the people who use electrical energy and those who produce electrical energy for them. Having a grid-tied solar power system […]

Recently, a high-profile supplier of battery packs to the solar industry announced that it was discontinuing its plans for a 10kWh battery backup. It’s a good time to visit the question of what backup is and whether batteries are the way to best meet a homeowner’s backup needs. Are Backup Batteries a Significant Solution for […]

In the wake of recent Hurricanes like Irma and Maria, FEMA has released a new report to help homeowners and solar professionals protect their solar systems from high velocity winds. The official report, titled Rooftop Solar Panel Attachment: Design, Installation, and Maintenance, provides recommendations on what to do if you’re considering installing a solar system in a hurricane-prone […]