The Ever Evolving Energy Marketplace

Today’s energy marketplace is complicated. But before solar came along, it was pretty straightforward: your home was a “buyer” of energy, and your local utilities company was the “seller.” When your home needed energy for an activity, like running the dish washer, it would automatically buy that energy from your local utility via the electrical grid— or what we refer to simply as the “grid.”

Today, things are a bit more complicated. Not only are there are different electricity rates at different times of day (referred to as “time-of-use rates” or TOU), but there are different places where your home can get its energy. If you have a solar system, your home can use that energy instead of energy from the grid; and if you have solar storage, that’s another source of energy that your home can use. Plus, in some cases, homes can sell back any extra energy they make from their solar system back to the utility, turning your home into both a “seller” and “buyer” of energy.

However, even as the energy marketplace has evolved, there has been one thing that’s never been a real part of the equation: choice.

Yes, by installing a solar energy system at your home, you get to decide, to some extent, whether you’re buying energy from your utilities company or harnessing free, clean energy from the sun. But that’s only true on days when the sun is shining, and not at night, when most of us use the most energy. So your choice about where your energy comes from is limited.

With Ensemble, we’re putting the power of choice completely in your hands. That means your home will interact with and decide the best option for where you get your energy — based primarily on the most affordable option available.

Ensemble will allow your home to approach the energy marketplace and decide where it can get the best energy at the lowest price. And it will produce, use, and manage that energy based on your preferences. When the sun is shining, it will obviously choose solar. If you have solar storage, it will decide whether it makes the most sense to use that stored energy at night or pull energy from the grid. So, in essence, you will have the power to choose how you engage with the energy marketplace.

Energy Marketplace Welcomes Ensemble

Making Homes Smarter

The energy marketplace is evolving, and will continue to evolve. That’s why we created Ensemble. It’s the technology that connects every piece of your energy system — from your solar panels to your storage solution to your monitoring  software, giving you a truly smart home that manages and optimizes its energy production and consumption.

Ensemble is, in essence, a new technology solution that allows you to not simply be a consumer in the energy marketplace, but a decision-maker. You get to decide when and how your home is powered by the grid or by the sun. And you get to decide whether to keep the extra energy your home produces or sell it back to the grid. Best of all: it’s a system that learns as it goes, makes decisions in an instant, and is constantly optimizing itself to provide the best economical and sustainable choice every minute of every day.

The Future of the Energy Marketplace

Ensemble isn’t just going to be a key player in the energy marketplace; we think it’s going to change the energy marketplace altogether. And it’s not just for places where there are stable utilities grids like in the U.S.; it’s also allowing developing communities across the globe to build their own micro-grids (but more on that later). With Ensemble, the power is in your hands, the choice is yours.

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