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Solar Panels for Home Clearwater Florida

Solar Max provides customers with simple and affordable solar energy solutions. We believe the process should be headache and question free which is why we handle every step of the project, from consultation to utility inter-connection, for little or no upfront cost.
When choosing Solar Max, you are choosing a family-owned and operated company that has positioned itself at the forefront of the revolutionizing solar energy industry. We employ a full team of in-house experts with the highest level of knowledge, training and licensing. By doing so, we are able to ensure every customer receives a positive and enjoyable experience from first contact, to design and installation along with follow-up once in service.

The SolarMax Mission and Vision

Going solar is about making a profitable and reliable investment, but it’s foremost about taking responsibility.

Our Vision

Our planet is our legacy, and there’s only one. The extensive use of fossil fuel energy has caused irreversible damage. The more we wait, the worse it will get. Florida receives a practically unlimited amount of sunlight- why wouldn’t we harness it to do our part to protect the environment? Together, let’s choose a more responsible way to power our lives: Let’s go solar.

Our Mission

Solar has suffered and is still suffering from many misconceived notions, and we understand that the process of going solar might seem overwhelming. Education and empowerment are at the core of our approach. Within our process, we meet with our clients to help them define their goals, evaluate their options, and make informed and confident decisions. We take care of the entire process, from design to engineering, permitting, installation and monitoring, so that going solar is a seamless and hassle-free process.

Our Core Values


At SolarMax, it is important for us to exemplify responsibility. This means providing customers with excellent all-round services.


Similarly, operating with integrity is essential to SolarMax. Customers, business partners, and employees all need to know that they can trust SolarMax.


Staying up to date with the most current technology and innovations is particularly important to SolarMax. We offer the latest in solar energy technology.


For SolarMax reliability is a priority. A customer paying for solar equipment needs to be able to know that they can rely on their equipment as well as SolarMax to provide quality maintenance and repair services if needed.


Providing quality products and services is necessary for SolarMax to stay competitive. Overall quality is determined by a number of other factors like reliability, customer service, and the quality of the products themselves.

Customer Satisfaction

Last, but most certainly not least on our list is customer satisfaction. While listed here as #6, in reality customer satisfaction is the #1 priority of SolarMax. If a company cannot adequately satisfy the needs of its customers, their customers will move their business elsewhere, and that company will not stay in business for very long. At SolarMax, this means being innovative, reliable, responsible, and offering products and services with excellent quality.


How Much Will Going Solar Save You?

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