Save Money With Solar

Making Solar Affordable

So how do we “make solar affordable” you ask? What if we asked you if you could afford NOT to make the switch to solar? What if we told you that electricity costs have risen annually over the last 20 years?
The cost of electricity is continuing to rise while the cost of solar has never been more affordable thanks to modern manufacturing combined with available incentives and payment programs. We are here to guide you and show you every way you can save money and mother nature by going solar. Sounding more affordable yet?

Ok, Ok, We Said We Would Keep it Simple.
Here are Some of the Benefits
Our Customers Enjoy Regularly:

No Money out of Pocket

Yes, you read that correctly. With the the best payment plans in the industry you can choose to go solar and begin saving immediately. We also offer PACE Funding options in applicable locations.

Offset Bill

No Money out of Pocket sounds great, but when you can combine that with immediate savings on your electric bill it gets even better. How? We work to knock out your bill and provide you a payment option for your system that is less than your electric bill.

Solar Panels for Home Clearwater Florida

Add Property Value

Multiple studies have shown that a solar installation can maintain its full value at resale and help the home sell twice as fast as competing listings in the area. If the buyer prefers to take over the payment plan, we can help arrange that too.

Solar Panels for Home Clearwater Florida

Reduce Carbon

Solar creates less CO2 pollution than coal. The average 8 kWh system can offset 400,000 lbs of CO2, which is the equivalent of 4,632 trees or driving a car 500,000 miles.

Solar Panels Tampa Solar Max

Increase Savings

If one thing is certain, the cost of electricity from the utility company will continue to go up. Switching to solar locks you into savings now, and even more savings as time goes on. Our systems are built to last upwards of 40 years. Can you imagine what the rates will be like in that time?

Solar Panels for Home Clearwater Florida

Energy Independent

Let’s face it, nobody goes down to their utility company on Sundays to hang with their friends, drink some beers and watch the sporting events of the day. Now you can control one of the most important necessities of your home with a clean, reliable and unlimited source of energy and get out from under the utility company and their monopolized system.

Solar Panels Tampa Solar Max

Sounds Pretty Affordable Now Doesn’t It?

How Much Will Going Solar Save You?

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