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The town of Mount Dora began in 1874 when the area was settled by David Simpson, his wife, and two children. In 1880, Ross C. Tremain became the town’s first postmaster, and later a major real estate developer for the area. A post office called Mount Dora has been in operation since 1883. Tremain named the unincorporated village Royellou, after his children, Roy, Ella, and Louis.

The community was renamed for Dora Ann Drawdy, who was an early settler of the town in the mid-1880s. In 1846, the surveyors named Lake Dora after her, and in 1883 the town was renamed after the lake. The Mount in Mount Dora reflects the fact that the town is on a plateau 184 feet above sea level. In addition to this, Dora is memorialized through Dora Drawdy Way, an alleyway located in the downtown area.

The town became a popular winter retreat for hunters, fishermen, and boaters, and in 1883 the Alexander House, a two-story hotel, was opened. The Alexander House has been renamed several times and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. A railroad came to town in 1887, followed by an orange packing house, fertilizer factories, and a cannery. The town was granted a charter in 1910 with John Philip Donnelly as its first mayor; the town had 371 residents at the time.

In the 1920s, Mount Dora began to grow significantly, both in residential development and business development. Mount Dora began investing in public infrastructure, including streetlights, a water system, curbs, and paved roads. The first two public parks were created and the Mount Dora Community Building was built largely from funds raised by Mount Dora residents. The building has since served as the city’s performance and meeting venue.

SolarMax always puts the customer first. We have earned a premier reputation by tailoring solar systems to specifically fit each customer’s needs. Help us save the world, one panel at a time. We’re proud to serve the great Residential and Commercial customers of Mount Dora, FL.

Mount Dora Residential Solar Panel Installer

Money into your pocket starting day one. The savings are immediate and last a lifetime. Satisfaction you are no longer a victim of rising energy costs. Pride that your family is part of the sustainability solution. Mount Dora area residential solar panels help the environment. Thinking of your family’s future. Reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuel. Put the power of the sun to work for you. The money you save by taking the solar leap will help the USA grow American jobs. Help us save the world, one panel at a time.

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Mount Dora Florida Solar Panel Benefits

It’s long been known that renewable energy is the way of the future. As the supply of fossil fuels dwindles and faces increased scrutiny for pollution, climate change, and health issues, the cost continues to rise. Many local utilities have already begun to use alternative, renewable energy sources including wind, water, and solar power, but you don’t have to wait for your utility company to get on board. Solar power is ready and available to home owners today and there’s practically no end to the list of benefits.

Solar power makes it possible for Mount Dora home owners to use the sun to power everyday life: running your air conditioner, washing clothing, watching TV, cooking dinner. All while reducing your carbon footprint, and without burning fossil fuels or putting a strain on the electrical grid. And while the environmental benefits of solar power are significant, many home owners find that the convenience, unique features, and cost savings of owning a solar power system are even more enticing.

Want to know about the details and benefits of solar powered energy systems for your Mount Dora home? We’ll explain how solar powered homes work, factors that make your home a good candidate, environmental benefits, financial benefits, unique features, and much more. Read on to find out why a home solar power system may be a great investment for your home and lifestyle.

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Mount Dora Solar Energy Rebates and Tax CreditsClearwater Solar Panel Installer Serving both Residential & Commercial Solar Needs

Florida, the Sunshine State, has tremendous solar potential. But, so far, the state isn’t living up to that potential. While Mount Dora Florida has some of the best physical and geographic conditions in the country for solar, it’s policies hold it down at 17th for installed solar capacity.

Florida does not have a renewable energy portfolio standard, which drives utility investment in other states. Additionally, state policy prohibits third-party owned systems. That means the solar leasing and power purchase agreements that have made solar boom among homeowners who can’t afford to buy solar systems outright in other states aren’t contributing to industry growth in Florida.

However, Mount Dora Florida does offer some solar power financial incentives. Florida Power and Light offers a solar rebate and all of the utilities governed by the state utilities commission offer net metering. Under the law they must credit customers for net excess generation in a month. If, over a 12-month period, they generate more power than they use, the utility must pay them.

Purchasers of solar energy systems in Mount Dora used in place of conventional energy systems are exempt from paying state sales and use tax. The exemption covers all components used in the system, not just solar panels. The Florida Solar Energy Center lists the components that qualify in a document found here.

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Mount Dora Solar Panel Installer

Step 1. Fill out the Mount Dora solar panel installation form to give us basic information on your home or commercial enterprise, the proposed location for the solar panels, and your contact information.

Step 2. A local Mount Dora solar panel install consultant will call to ask further questions and arrange a visit to your home or business.

Step 3. On-site visit to speak with the home or business owner, assess the location of the solar panel installation. Take measurements and answer specific questions about the solar panel installation.

Step 4. Solar panel installer will deliver detailed a detailed installation proposal for your Mount Dora home or business. Proposal includes all applicable rebates, from the city of Temple Terrace, state and federal energy tax credits. Contracts signed.

Mount Dora Solar Panel Installation Begins

Step 5. A typical solar panel installation takes 1-2 days after the solar panels and equipment arrive. Solar panel installation will usually involve 2-3 Mount Dora solar panel installers working together to complete the job.

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Duke Energy Solar Panel Rebates

Duke Energy’s net metering program allows customers who generate electricity from their own solar panel system to offset their energy costs. Net metering participants receive bill credit from Duke Energy for the excess energy generated by their solar panel system.

Duke Energy has three tiers of generating facilities for net metering contracts in Florida:

  • Tier 1 Generating Facilities are less than or equal to 10 kilowatts (kW)
  • Tier 2 Generating Facilities are between 10 kW and 100 kW
  • Tier 3 Generating Facilities are between 100kW and 2000kW
  • Most residential customers fall under the Tier 1 Generating Facilities category. Duke Energy Florida’s current rate for Residential Service is approximately 13 cents.
  • There is no cap on net metering in Florida.

Any excess energy generation at the end of the billing month is credited to the customer’s energy consumption for the next billing cycle. At the end of each calendar year, Duke Energy credits the customer for any unused net metering credits at an annual rate based on the COG-1 tariff.

The current rate for COG-1 is 6.310 cents/kWh meaning that the customer receives 6.310 cents for each credit not used to offset energy usage during the calendar year. While net metering credits are used to offset energy consumption charges, the customer is still responsible to pay monthly charges not associated directly with energy consumption such as customer charges (currently $8.76/month).

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Solar Panel Installers Near Me

SolarMax offers solar panel installation services in the following zip codes in and around the Mount Dora area. 32756, 32757

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