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SolarMax Makes Solar Energy Simple
Every Step of the Way

Whether you are a conservationist or just looking to save some money on your electric bill, we have the team and resources available to achieve your goals. While our panels may look great, they also function just as well and are designed to last forever which is why we only use the highest quality materials available with industry leading warranties. From the first time we meet to the time your solar installation is complete, we deliver the people, tools and support you need to make solar energy simple. Contact the pros at SolarMax today to get started on your Solar Journey.

Sleek, Durable and Efficient

We know looks are important, but you shouldn’t have to trade looks for solar energy efficiency. By pairing the highest quality panels with industry leading inverter technology, you are guaranteed to have a system that stands the test of time while being easy on the eyes. If you have an HOA, we will work directly with them for a quick and easy approval.

How Will I Know if My System is Performing?

Every system we install includes lifetime system performance monitoring. Unlike other installers who charge an additional fee or only include monitoring for a short period of time, we recognize this feature is absolutely necessary when it comes to ensuring you are getting the most out of your investment. SolarMax also maintains remote access of your system for its entire life on your roof. This includes 24/7 diagnostic monitoring along with monthly performance updates to ensure your system is performing to its optimal potential.
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How Much Will Going Solar Save You?

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